5 things to look out for in a bra for large breasts


Finding the right bra for women with large and heavy breasts, or even a large back, is one of the most demanding procedures that requires experience, on the part of the seller, but also attention to specific details that will highlight the appropriateness, or not, of the product, on the part of the woman who buys the bra. 

Our experience has shown that even if you find a specialist/salesperson who has experience in plus size bras, it is good to know some basic things that will help you find a bra that will suit your preferences and your body type. 

The following tips refer to the large chest/back and are independent of body type (meaning they can be applied by larger women to women with a slim body type but with large breasts).

             1. The back of the bra should be firm

The most important clue that you've probably found the right bra size is how much firm is his back. It should not rise upwards and it should not in any way press on you. The best way to test this is to notice where the bra fastens. Ideally it should snap in the first row/position, regardless of whether it has 2 or 3 rows of snaps.

              2. The pannel should be light and elastic

If there is an underwire in the bra you should make sure it is light, elastic and hugs the chest properly, otherwise the bra may press on you and you may feel discomfort during the day (special attention if you buy a daily bra that you will wear for many hours!).

            3. Cups should have a combination of horizontal and vertical seams on the inside

A detail that few women know is that the bras that make the large breasts look natural, are designed with special seams through the cups. These seams essentially create small cells that "distribute" the volume and weight of the breast and make it look more natural.

          4. Rubber sole on the side of the Cups

In large sizes and heavy breasts, the side part of the Cups is what gives us the necessary support and sense of security, so it is important to choose bra that has an elastic sole on the side of the cups. This is also what will help us to avoid any skin irritations that may arise from friction.

        5. Padded shoulder straps to avoid skin irritation

Our breasts, like the bra, rest on 2 pieces of fabric, the straps, which we usually don't pay much attention to. When choosing bras for heavy breasts, however, it is very important to choose braces which are padded, so that they do not press our shoulders and do not irritate our skin. Alternatively we can use silicone pads, like the ones below, which prevent the straps from slipping and "cutting" our shoulders. 

σιλικόνη ώμου για σουτιέν για βαρύ στήθος

Julimex silicone for the shoulder | €10.00

What is certain is that if you have large/heavy breasts or simply a large back, finding the ideal bra is a bit more complicated than for women with smaller breasts. We hope that with the above 5 tips it became at least a little easier!

Vror Bras for Large Breasts

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