Organic Cotton Underwear - 5+1 Advantages

Do you often feel discomfort in the sensitive area? They are often associated with synthetic underwear fabrics because of the germs that grow especially in the summer months.

If your gynecologist hasn't already recommended it to you, it's probably time to ask yourself what the most are hygienic underwear fabrics and make the right choice the next time you buy underwear online or visit a lingerie store.

The  women's underwear from 100% certified organic (biological) cotton, they are a natural and quality fabric that combines comfort, style and hygiene in the best way!

Made with vaginal hygiene and environmental friendliness in mind, underwear from organic cotton they are the ideal underwear solution. 

In this article you will discover all the advantages of organic cotton underwear, which of course you will find at Pinguino in a variety of colors and designs for all tastes. 

Shall we go see them?

1. They are durable

Organic cotton is more durable than conventional cotton, as its harvesting processes are gentler and slower, thus preserving the long fibers. 

Conventional cotton uses harsh chemicals that can damage the fibers, creating a rougher and more brittle fiber that tends to break. 

In contrast, organic cotton does not undergo this type of treatment, so its fibers are much more durable and have a much longer lifespan. 

2. They are hypoallergenic

The absence of chemical substances that often cause rashes or allergies, as well as the absence of synthetic materials that lead to the development of allergies when the skin is exposed to it, make organic cotton pure and, consequently, hypoallergenic.

Often, latex is responsible for skin allergies, and based on some statistical surveys, about 8-17% of healthcare professionals suffer from latex allergy due to daily exposure to it. 

Therefore, latex allergy can develop just by being exposed to it regularly. 

3. They help the skin to "breathe"

Underwear made of synthetic materials do not allow the skin to breathe, which greatly traps moisture in the sensitive area. 

On the other hand, organic cotton underwear allows the skin to breathe and be at the right temperature, thus creating a pleasant feeling of coolness and softness in the area.

They are highly absorbent in moisture, while removing the risk of infections due to heat and moisture trapped by non-cotton fabrics. 

In general, cotton underwear is recommended by doctors and specialists as it helps to reduce the spread of bacteria in women who have bacterial vaginosis or a urinary tract infection.

4. They are comfortable

You may be used to wearing nylon or other synthetic, colorful underwear and therefore think - wrongly - that they are comfortable, but in reality, if you wear organic cotton underwear you will understand what comfort means.

Whether you're at the office, or at home running errands, the last thing you definitely want is underwear that's tight and constricting. 

5. They prevent itching

Itching in the sensitive area is often a multifactorial problem. It may be related to health issues and you need a doctor's advice or hygiene issues. 

In any other case, the underwear you're wearing is probably responsible. Organic cotton underwear prevents itching by keeping the sensitive area dry and moisture-free. The appearance of itching is often caused by moisture and heat being trapped in that particular spot. 

Also, pure cotton underwear removes the risk of itching due to the absence of chemicals, which often cause dermatitis. 

Conversely, frequent exposure of the skin to latex fabrics can cause dermatitis and thus itching. 

6. They are recyclable and environmentally friendly

As you know, organic materials like cotton and bamboo are more sustainable for the planet and are made to be durable and last. 

On the other hand, the modern fashion industry offers clothes and, specifically, underwear made of cheap, synthetic materials, with a much shorter lifespan. 

Therefore, investing in underwear made of 100% certified organic cotton implies an ecological benefit. This is because they are made from natural materials and therefore recyclable. 

The fiber-to-fiber recycling process allows virgin fibers to be created, which can then be used to create new clothes.

Synthetic underwear, on the other hand, takes anywhere from 20 to 200 years to break down, while also releasing toxins into the environment.

Conclusion for organic cotton underwear

Make an "investment" for yourself and at the same time for the environment, by choosing organic cotton underwear. 

At Pinguino you will find them in various colors and designs! Of course you will find  organic cotton bra as well as tank tops, the best, especially in the summer months when the heat and humidity are more intense.