Kaftan - How and Where to wear it

The kaftan is undoubtedly one of the clothes that you should not forget to put in your suitcase when leaving for vacation.

This relaxed, comfortable and at the same time always flattering type of dress is primarily considered ideal for impressive beachwear appearances.

A kaftan, however, can have other, even multiple uses, meeting your stylistic needs in a variety of occasions. You just need to know how to style it and what to combine it with.

In this article we will see how and where you can wear them  kaftan and look cool and airy all day. 

At Pinguino you will find them in a wide range of fabrics, colors and designs to choose what really flatters you. You won't want to part with it all summer long! 

Kaftans are therefore worn in the following ways and in the following circumstances:

1. On the beach

Perhaps the most popular place to see a kaftan is on the beach. You can use it as a cover over it  swimsuit or the  bikini you and adopt a unique beachwear look.

It combines comfort and style, thanks to its light and airy fabric, while if it is big and long enough to cover a large part of your body, it also provides protection from the sun's ultraviolet radiation.

Καφτάνι παραλίας κοντό με σχέδια

Also, it is the perfect choice for those women who feel any insecurity with their body while wearing it  swimsuit, as they can cover or show off, respectively, the parts of their body they wish by choosing a kaftan in the right length, style and fabric.

If you want to go somewhere right after your swim in the sea, for example to eat at a seaside place, you can combine it with a stylish pair of sandals and a belt for extra style. 

2. In formal or casual occasions

One of the positives that kaftans have is that they flatter the body of all women, regardless of their shape or size, while as we mentioned, they help to cover certain parts of their body that they may not want to highlight.

So if, for example, you have a large bust, a kaftan with long sleeves and a low "V" neckline can highlight your body in an impressive way.

If you are invited to a relaxed summer party, then with the kaftan you can adopt the ultimate boho chic style.


Putting on a pair of flat sandals - preferably leather -, carrying a shoulder bag and a pair of large sunglasses.

To be able to use your kaftan in more formal occasions, you should choose a more fitted design with mainly silk fabric. 

Combine it naturally with jewelry, a silver or gold belt, so you can wear it in more formal events.

Jeweled heeled sandals also pair beautifully with kaftans, adding a touch of luxury to your outfit.

You will find the kaftan in different versions, depending on its length and the corresponding occasions in which it fits.

For example, a mid-length printed kaftan can be worn even to the office, especially when paired properly with a  leggings

Also, choose a short kaftan for a relaxed outing, combining it with shorts or slim-fit jeans for more casual looks. 

Finally, a long caftan in a suitable fabric, reaching at least to the calf, can also be worn to a formal event, such as a beach wedding or a cocktail party.

3. At home

Because kaftans are a very comfortable and relaxed garment, you can also use them at home, for relaxing by the pool or even as sleepwear.

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You just have to choose a design that you like, but that is made of natural fabric, so that your body can "breathe" and keep cool at all times and especially on hot days.

Kaftan - 5 Tips

  1. Especially for the beach and at home, prefer a kaftan made of natural fabric (ie organic cotton) to help your body stay cool, as natural cotton fabrics "breathe" better than synthetic ones. Look at them  advantages of organic cotton underwear.

  2. A brightly colored or safari-patterned kaftan pairs beautifully with a straw hat or matching head wrap for more special looks.

  3. If you want to make your waist look tiny, then cinch your kaftan with a wide leather belt.

  4. For the ideal casual summer look, wear a pair of shorts and over it, choose a silk or cotton kaftan. You can also combine your kaftan with a t-shirt, worn jeans and a pair of white sneakers.

  5. The right accessories can enhance your kaftan, adding an air of elegance.

    For example, a chic watch, ring, belt or small pearl earrings are safe choices and stylish "additions" to a colorful patterned kaftan.

    But when it comes to a simple, monochrome kaftan without fancy prints, choose an elegant necklace or a subtle bracelet to upgrade your look.