The 10 types of bras for every woman

At every stage of your life or in every social occasion, in addition to the appropriate clothing and style, you must choose the right type of bra, which will make you feel as comfortable as possible, full of confidence and confidence in your body. 

In this article you will discover all the different types bra that we have and that of course you will find in Pinguino in a variety of colors, designs and fabrics. 

For any question about the size you need, do not hesitate to contact us directly so that we can find you the ideal bra size! Are we starting?

1. Sports bras

If exercise is part of your daily routine, then it should definitely be accompanied by the appropriate sports bra, in addition to other types of fitness. Sports bras are divided into different categories depending on the type and intensity of exercise you do. 

To avoid pain and vibration, you should choose the sports bra that will help you, instead of making it difficult for you to complete each workout! Read our relevant articles and find out more about them types of sports bras, as well as them reasons you need the sports bra.

2. Teenage bras

Bras do not only highlight the feminine side of a woman, but are an essential underwear since adolescence or even pre-adolescence of girls. 

A girl can choose it teenage bra that suits her, depending on the growth rate of her breasts and the frequency of her exercise. 

Of course there is not just one type of teen bra. Teenage girls can choose either a teenage bustier or a bra without a bandeau (with or without reinforcement).

3. With vanilla 

Do you want your bra to offer you the maximum possible support, and at the same time the greatest comfort of movements? Then the best choice is bra with vanilla.

It may be considered a more classic and safe choice, but especially if it is for large breasts, it will shape and support your breasts, without strengthening it in volume.

4. Without vanilla

Wondering how to choose the perfect Shaw rug or shirt? Then the bra without vanilla. they will give you the answer you are looking for, as well as the feeling that you are not wearing a bra.

The bra without straps will give you incredible comfort, along with the discreet support you expect from a bra. 

5. For large breasts

It is a fact that a large and heavy chest, without the proper support of the bra, can get tired and even cause pain in the neck, waist or migraines. That's why you have to find it carefully bra for large breasts that suits you and fits you perfectly.  

To find the perfect bra easily and simply, read this short article about how to choose a bra for big breasts.

6. Strapless bra

Do bra straps instead of extra support offer you irritation and you want to "disappear" them from your summer appearances? Then choose one strapless bra, specially designed to stay… in place, with comfort and perfect fit. 

Most of them even have silicone in the rubber band of the back or the cups for reinforced support, while the positive thing is that they are accompanied by removable and adjustable straps that you can put on or take off whenever you want.

7. Push-up - With reinforcement

If you have a small breast and you want to strengthen it or a large breast that you want to show, one push-up bra with reinforcement will offer you the ideal result.

Push-up bras have a cushion, vanilla and single or double reinforcement to provide you with the right grip, enhanced bust and unique neckline, which will emphasize your femininity.

8. Bralette

Lately bralette is the kind of bra that has become a "must have" in every woman's wardrobe. This is because it is not just a lingerie, but a top that can be combined with other clothes for appearances that follow the latest fashion. 

Lacy, silk or velvet, the bralette gives the comfort and support of a bra, with the style and appearance of a modern top.  

9. Bra stickers

It's time to put one on backless dress or with an opening in the chest and you hesitate why you do not find an… invisible bra? The cups / silicone bra is here to solve your problem. They are used as "stickers" on the chest, a kind of bra without back and provide the appropriate cover and support, without straps or straps. 

The cups are worn in two different ways, vertically or horizontally, and are designed to create a "deep" neckline. They have a certain number of uses, while you can easily clean them by washing them with cold soap and water.

Do not worry about how you will place the cups, it is not something difficult. To keep them in place easily and correctly, read them 6 tips for perfect application of silicone cups

10. Pregnancy - breastfeeding bra

During pregnancy, the abdomen is not the only part of your body that will begin to swell. Your breasts will gradually start to grow with the production of breast milk.

For this abrupt breast augmentation you will need a bra for large breasts to support your back and chest without straining the breast tissues.

Once your baby is born and you start breastfeeding regularly during the day, do not forget to choose the right one breastfeeding bra. It will "hug" your breast and keep it in its natural position without pressure, with the helpful opening and closing in the breast area to give you flexibility even outside the home. 

Find out everything you need to know about this particular category of bra in our article Maternity Lingerie-What you will need and equip properly.