3 types of one-piece swimsuits and how to choose the right one

"Fashion is and turns", and certainly the whole body swiming suit have come back into fashion for good in the last couple of years after "dominating" the bikini for several decades. And of course, swimwear companies couldn't help but follow this trend and launch a multitude of options, with different designs, cuts and lines, making the process of choosing a one-piece swimsuit a little more complicated.

Below we present to you the different types/options of one-piece swimsuits available and the criteria by which you should choose the perfect piece.

1. Full body - one piece

The most famous and known to all of us is the classic one piece swimsuit that covers most of the body, leaving only the back uncovered. As the most popular type of one-piece, one-piece swimsuits come in many shades, prints and designs, which makes them, in addition to swimwear, fashion pieces that can be worn outside the beach/pool, combined with shorts, long skirts , but also pants. 

In addition to the visual part, one piece swimsuits cover body imperfections that may exist and sculpt the body, which a bikini, for example, cannot do. 

2. One piece bikini

This particular type of bodysuit covers only the belly and is open on the side and back. It's essentially like wearing a bikini, with the difference that a piece of fabric joins the top and bottom of the swimsuit and covers the belly, which makes it ideal for covering imperfections and sagging in that area. Also, full body bikinis give you cup options which means they provide you with the necessary support for your breasts.

One more of its positives is that it does not absorb as much heat as the simple full body, since it covers a smaller surface of the body, allowing it to breathe. 

Finally, most one-piece bikinis, due to their line, are more aesthetically pleasing compared to the rest.

3. Tankini

The third type of one-piece swimsuit is essentially a combination of a bikini and a one-piece, since it consists of two different pieces of fabric (t-shirt+shorts) which, however, cover most of the body (photos below). The biggest advantages of the tankini is: a) the fact that the belly dries faster and b) it allows for a better tan, since at any time you can raise the t-shirt to the height you want. Also, tankinis are ideal for pregnant women, since they don't put pressure on the belly, like the rest of the bodysuits. The best of all? Because they consist of two separate pieces, tankinis allow you to mix & match with different designs and colors!