3 Types of Bras for Backless Dresses & how to choose the right one

Summer brings with it, apart from holidays and rest, several "problems". One of the biggest, if not the biggest, for us women, is his choice appropriate bra for the backless dress or backless blouse we want to wear. Fortunately, there are solutions and we present them below:

1. Silicone Cups

Silicone cups/bras they fit like "stickers" on the chest and provide the necessary support, without the need for braces or straps. It is essentially a backless bra. There are 2 types of cups:

  • The first has a clip that fastens in the middle, giving more of a bra feel.
  • While the second consists of two separate pieces that are not joined, providing less support to the chest.

The cups can be worn in two different ways (vertically or horizontally) and are ideal for creating a "deep" neckline

If silicone cups are worn correctly they will provide you with support even in more intense activities, such as dancing

They come in B, C and D cups and can be used for about 130 uses (can be washed with cold water and soap).

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2. Fabric Cups with adjustable drawstring

These cups, although less common than the first ones, have a unique advantage that you will not find in silicone cups, and that is the adjustable laces in the waist that help you adjust the bust as much as you want.

Compared to silicone cups, this particular type of cup offers better support to the breast, thanks to the laces.

They come in A, B, C and D cups, with the exception of the large cups (E, F and G), and can be used multiple times (can be washed with cold water and soap).

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3. Polymorphic bra

An alternative to silicone cups is the versatile bra, or multi-bra, which we have talked about in our previous article.

Perhaps the most well-known bra solution for a dress with an open back, the multi-bra is ideal for women with larger breasts that the cups cannot support, or for those who do not feel comfortable with the above suggestions.

Unlike silicone cups, the multi-bra does not free you from the straps, but instead gives you even more options and ways, than a conventional bra, to "tie" the straps.

More specifically, a multi-bra can be "tied" in 5 different ways, which makes it ideal for almost all dresses.  

The truth is that we all want to focus on the important (and most pleasant) part of our look, which is the clothes, hairstyle, coloring, etc.

In the end, these are what will be seen, remembered and remembered by everyone (including Instagram and Facebook :-).

But no matter how nice our clothes and make-up are, it won't make any sense if we choose the wrong bra, which will make us feel uncomfortable and not enjoy our night.


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