4 types of underwear for your summer clothes

It's time to wear white pants or a white dress and you're not sure what underwear to wear so you don't erase anything? Then this article is written for you.

Before you go to a store or start looking for products online, we will try to inform you as best we can about the options available and maybe your search will be a little easier! 

The different categories of "invisible" underwear you can choose from are as follows:


One of the most popular options, since it not only does not erase through the garment, but also ideally "supports" the body. There are two main types of lastex. The first is the lastex with stomach and no leg (it covers the stomach but not the legs). The second is the stomach and leg lastex (covers both). 

Λαστέξ με στομάχι και πόδι

Latex covering Stomach and Leg | €24

Rubber panty

Which is something between panties and latex, with the main advantage that it helps to straighten the buttocks and "hold" the belly.

λαστεξ lelieve μαύρο μέτριας έντασης

Medium intensity latex panties | €24

Seamless/laser cut underwear

In this category we find almost all our familiar types of underwear, such as thong, thong, hipster and tai. Laser-cut seamless underwear, apart from being more discreet than regular underwear (depending on the color choice of course) has the advantage of "laying" better on the body and giving us a more pleasant feeling. 

Χαμηλόμεσο σλιπ χωρίς ραφές

Low Waist Seamless Slip | €5.90 

ψηλόμεσο κυλοτάκι χωρίς ραφές

Seamless high-waisted panties | €8.50


Ideal for clothes with very thin fabric and light fabric, since it is probably the most "invisible" of all the above (although not the most aesthetically pleasing), which is due to the large surface area of the fabric. Also, unlike latex or latex panties, it does not tighten the body and gives you a sense of freedom. 

Choosing the right "invisible" underwear can really make a difference to a summer outfit and make you feel comfortable, even in the lightest and lightest fabrics. So what you should ask before trying/buying any of the above underwear is:

  1. Does it fit/blend through the dress/pants I'll be wearing?
  2. Do I feel comfortable wearing it?

If you have the answer to the above questions, you are in the right direction to find the perfect "invisible" underwear!


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