5 reasons why you need a sports bra

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After much research and thought you have finally decided what type of fitness to start, then come the really hard decisions. "What shoes shall I wear?". "Should I get leggings or overalls?" So many dilemmas and so little time to decide.

Luckily, at least you know what bra to wear! "What I wear every day, please don't get a special gym bra." And it makes perfect sense to think that. Who will see your bra in the finale? Probably no one.

So you start working out wearing your everyday bra, and after the first few days of exercise you realize that something is wrong. Maybe you don't feel as comfortable as you'd like during exercise or maybe you've started having chest pains. 

The reason for the above? The fact that conventional/daily bras are not made for such occasions, where there is a lot of movement and the breasts are subjected to vibrations.

A sports bra is the most important workout garment for women - especially if they have large breasts - but 90% of women don't wear the right size sports bra.

Why you need the right sports bra

The main reasons why the sports bra is the first thing you should pay attention to before you start working out are the following: 

  1. Everyday bras have a bandela, in which with the intensity of the exercise the mammary glands will inevitably hit and as a consequence you will start to have pain after the first days of exercise.
  2. Regular bras do not give you the "back" options that a sports bra gives you, such as a cross, etc. which implies a more "loose" hold of the chest. 
  3. Regular bras do not "breathe", unlike sports bras, whose fabric is more breathable and usually has "perforated" pieces of fabric that allow air to circulate.
  4. Sports bras allow you to choose between different bra ratings depending on the intensity of the exercise (high, medium and low).  
  5. The sports bras they come in many designs and colors, which will give a different "tone" to your exercise.

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Female breasts and sports

See 3 things you probably don't know about the pressures that every woman who plays sports and exercises intensively receives on her chest:

  1. If the chest is not properly supported during running, it can move up to 19cm and can experience the same G-force as a Formula 1 driver. This is because there are no muscles in the chest.
  2. The only physical support the breast has is the skin and Cooper's ligaments, which are very thin, elastic structures that are there to protect the milk-producing parts of the breast, but not to lift and hold it.
  3. Women who exercise intensely may need the same quality of chest support when walking as they do during sprinting. Lack of support has the potential to cause irreversible damage. The movement of the breast in sports is very important in the manufacturing technology of sports bras.