5 signs that you are wearing the wrong number

  1. The back of the bra is not fixed

  2. When you wear your bra and with the movements you make the back of the bra slowly rises up, this means that you have taken a larger size on the back than what you normally wear.

    On the next purchase of a new one bra you need to pay attention to the circumference of the back. Your bra should close in the first position of the clasp so that the back is stable.

    That's why when you raise your arms up, the bra must stay fixed under the chest and not move.

  3. My bra strap hits me

  4. When the bra hits the side of the chest and causes irritation to your skin, it means that you have taken a smaller cup than the one you normally wear. Next time you should choose a larger cup.

  5. The chest overflows from the top of the cup

  6. When the breast comes out of the cup slowly with the movements you make, it means that the cup is smaller than the one you normally wear. Try trying a bigger Cup.

  7. There is a gap in the front of the Cups

  8. In this case the cup is larger than your normal size and you should choose a smaller cup.

  9. Braces create irritation and pressure on my shoulders

This is when you tighten the straps more than you should, thinking you will get better support. When the bra size is right for you there is no reason to tighten the straps so much because the support of the breast depends on the elastic that is located around the breast circumference. If you have very heavy chest to choose bra with wide straps the bra with padded straps for greater comfort.

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