Teenage Bras What you need to know

Most of the information on the internet about bras has to do with bras aimed at women with already developed breasts.

However, little is known about the bra options available to teenage girls. Below you will find the 3 different types of bras that a teenage girl can wear.

The first criterion in choosing a bra or not for a teenage girl is of course the rate of breast growth, with the second criterion being whether they play sports or not.

Some girls start wearing some kind of bra as early as 9 years old, while others start at 14. On average, we could say that most girls start wearing bras at the age of 11. 

When it comes to the different bra options available in the market, they are:

1. Teenagers Busts

The teen boobs they are worn like a t-shirt, and with the elasticity and soft support they offer they are an ideal first bra. Teenage bras protect the chest from any vibrations created during sports or games.



Of course, you should make sure that the teenage bust which you choose will not tighten the chest and will not bother it. This is important, because at these young ages the mammary glands are still developing and should not be under pressure.



Most teen bras come in either cotton or microfiber and are quite soft to the touch and feel. 

    εφηβικο μπουστάκι Cotonella χωρίς ενίσχυση

    2. Bra without underwire and reinforcement

    The specific bra without underwire and reinforcement they can be used even from the age of 11-12 and offer greater comfort and "coverage", since the chest is not erased under thin fabrics. These bras are available in cotton or lycra.

    3. Bra without underwire, with reinforcement

      Padded underwire bras are ideal for teenage girls aged 14 and up. The soft cups of a reinforced bra support the breast and shape it in a natural way, which makes them very comfortable for daily and continuous use. 

      Εφηβικό σουτιέν χωρίς μπανέλαTeen bra without underwire | €11.25

      Whatever you choose you should make sure of two things. The first is how comfortable the teen bra is and the second is how well it supports the breasts, since the first bras a teen wears are probably the most important.  


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