Maternity Lingerie - What you will need

Maternity underwear is very different from the usual underwear you've been wearing until now. In the happiest time of your life, your body will change both during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby.

At every stage of change you need the right underwear, so that you feel comfortable both in your underwear and with your body. See in detail in our article what you will need! Shall we begin?

Pregnancy underwear

Your tummy will start to grow and sooner or later you won't feel comfortable in the underwear you've been wearing until now. It would be good to choose supportive underwear (covering or reaching the navel) with a lot of elasticity.

So choose  latex underwear based on your needs at each stage of pregnancy, but also when you need to hold or cover your belly after giving birth, which will take a few months to return to its normal levels.

The latex underwear you will find at Pinguino are not only comfortable, elastic and with a perfect fit. They are soft in texture, there are codes that do not erase at all under clothes (due to single stitching or laser cutting), they sculpt the silhouette and hug the body.

Maternity Bra

The first place on your body that you will notice intense changes after your tummy, is your chest. From the 6th month itself, the production of breast milk will begin and it will begin to grow.

Yes, as you understood you will gradually need a larger bra size, but that is not the only point. Just because breast augmentation will be abrupt, you need one  bra for large breasts, which will support both your chest and your back, without putting pressure on the chest tissues at the same time.

Breastfeeding bra

A nursing bra is necessary not only for proper breast support, but also to make your everyday life as a new mom easier. There will not be a few times that you will breastfeed your baby during the day, and it may be a process that will not always be done from the comfort of your home.

See what to look out for before you buy breastfeeding bra and choose the ideal one for you, at If you have any questions about the size you will need, you can contact us directly and we will find the right bra size 100%!

Nursing bras should be comfortable

They must hold the chest in its natural position, without at the same time feeling pressure on the sides or back. Choose a nursing bra without underwire and without additional seams in the nipple area, such as  nursing bra without underwire by Naturana.

To be mostly cotton

Underwear made mainly of cotton does not irritate the skin, allows it to breathe better, is softer and cooler. Give a base to cool, as before and after pregnancy you will have hot flashes several times.

We have  100% cotton nursing bra, and others that, while they have a percentage of synthetic materials for greater elasticity, are  100% cotton inner lining which is in contact with the chest.

Ease of opening and closing

You will find that it is extremely useful to have the opening and closing of the bra in the breast area. This practically means that you won't have to take off your bra or place it awkwardly above or below your breasts to nurse your baby. It is especially helpful if you have to breastfeed somewhere outside the home.

Tip: You will also find that you will probably need to change bras several times due to the flow of milk. Nursing bras on the one hand are easy to open, and on the other hand they do not need to be washed in the washing machine. You will save time by hand washing them with a little soap and water.

Frequent questions

What should I avoid in a nursing bra?

  1. The tight and uncomfortable fit.
  2. The 100% composition of synthetic materials.
  3. The tubs.
  4. The many clips that make it difficult to open.

How many nursing bras will I need?

The truth is, the more, the better, avoiding overkill. 4-5 nursing bras are enough to start with, so you can wash them often without worrying about running out. Frequent changes will be inevitable.

When should I get maternity underwear?

You can start shopping around the third month and depending on how your body develops. You will need a nursing bra immediately after giving birth, but you could get used to them by wearing them a month earlier.