3 Ways to Keep Your Bras in Good Condition

φροντίδα σουτιέν

With the average "life" of most bras being 1.5 to 2 years, it's important to do what we can to keep them in good condition so that they not only last longer, but also maintain proper hygiene levels. !

The key points to look out for are the following:


1) In handSoak in warm water for half an hour and wash with detergent for delicate clothes. Rinse with softener without wringing. Place it on a dry towel.

2) In the washing machine: We install it bra tucked into a net or laundry bag, and we choose the wash for delicate clothes at the lowest temperature and at low spins.


The best way to dry is to place the bra on a clean dry towel so that it dries evenly and naturally.

Alternatively, you can hang it on the ironing board from the center piece of fabric between the Cups, folded in half. 

Caution: We do not hang it from the edge or from the straps and avoid using pegs.

It is also important to know that the dryer greatly shortens the life of bras and therefore it would be good to avoid it.


Ideally place your bras in a drawer open so they can breathe.

Alternatively you can hang them on a hanger from the waist at the junction of the Cups (not from the straps). 

How many times can I wear the bra before washing it?

A bra is ideally worn up to three times before being washed. Of course this changes depending on the season (e.g. in the summer we wash them more often than in the winter) and how many hours you wear the bra.

The exception to the rule are the sports bras, which need to be washed after each use!


If you have more questions or concerns about bra care, you can send us the questions either in the live chat that you will find on our site, or by email at: hello@pinguino.com.gr, or by calling us at: 210 5055776  (store hours)!