The ideal swimsuit for your body type and what to look out for

Are you in the process of searching for the perfect swimsuit for the summer and don't know where to start? Or are you confused by the many different types of swimwear? You are certainly not alone and we certainly have the solution to your problem. Who is she; A mini guide with tips and advice that will help you choose the ideal swimsuit, depending on your body type. 

1. Tips for a large circumference

  • Flared or high-waisted panty with laces on the side, which "hide" the girth
  • As for the upper part of the swimsuit, it would be preferable to choose something with a design that will attract the eye and attention
      ATTENTION: For body types with a large circumference, shorts are the wrong choice since the fabric covers the entire circumference and attention will be focused there

        2. Tips for relaxing the belly or cellulite

        • An ideal choice for this body type are bodysuits with a design on the side, such as transparency or ropes
        • In the same category belongs the full-body bikini, which not only supports and tightens the abdomen, but also heightens the torso of the body. Tip: go for a full-length bikini with a pattern or (small) tummy tucks.
        • If you don't like the idea of a full body, then you can try a tankini (2 separate pieces), which covers the tummy but also gives you more freedom of movement. Tip: prefer a tankini with a pattern or surahs on the belly   
        • high-waisted trousers with a pattern and a pattern on top
            3. Tips for small breasts 
            • Choose a push-up swimsuit with double reinforcement, which adds up to two sizes to the small chest and gives a very natural effect. 
            • Or some balcone that, unlike the push-up, will strengthen your chest from the bottom up.
            • Another ideal option is the swimsuits with frills or some floral design 
            4. Tips for big breasts (Cup D, E, F, G)
            • The ideal swimsuit for you has a bandella or some band that will hold the weight of the breasts and make you feel comfortable
            • If the breasts are loose then it would be good to try a three-piece bra (which has 3 seams) which will keep the breasts from "spilling" to the side
            • Another option, although not as famous, is the reinforced strapless (of course with a clasp at the back and not a string) 


            CAUTION: You should be very careful to choose the right cup, otherwise it may feel very uncomfortable

              What is certain is that beyond the aesthetic side, the ideal swimsuit should make you feel comfortable no matter how many hours you wear it, so you should also pay proper attention to your choice.