8 Problems created by the wrong bra number and how to solve them

80% of women wear the wrong bra size. And the truth is that most of the time they don't know it and they keep wearing the wrong number. "But that's the size I've always gotten" or "That's the number they gave me at the store where I shop for bras" are phrases we hear often. 

But the truth is that there are some "signs" that will help you understand if you are wearing the right size or not. Below you will find the top 8 along with answers on how to find the right bra size!

The band is pressing on me and causing pain in my chest

    • Why is this happening;  Because you're wearing a bra that's smaller than it should be and the bra is hitting your lower chest.
    • How do I solve the problem? Trying on a bra with a larger size in the back circumference or a larger cup in the bust (eg if your push-up bra is a 75C, try a bra that's an 80C and a 75D).

    My breasts overflow from the top of the cup

    • Why is this happening; Because the breast cup is smaller than it should be.
    • How do I solve the problem? Trying on a bra that is one cup larger than the bra that is causing you the problem. eg if your bra has a C cup, try a D cup bra.

    The elastic on the side irritates my skin

    • Why is this happening; Because the circumference number on the back is small and the friction irritates and reddens the skin.
    • How do I solve the problem? Trying on bras with a larger circumference in the back. Ideally the bra should fasten on the first hook of the back strap to have the margin once it opens a little to fasten in the second position. A "golden rule" at this point is that your two fingers can fit on the side of the elastic once you have closed the bra.

    The clasp of my bra gives me discomfort

    • Why is this happening; Probably because your bra clasp is made of hard metal and not lined with some fabric.
    • How do I solve the problem? The solution to this particular problem is simple. Choose bras with soft underwire closures.

    My back looks fat when I wear the bra

    • Why is this happening; Because the back circumference number is wrong.
    • How do I solve the problem? In this particular case there are two solutions. The first is to try on a bra that is one size larger in the back (eg if the bra that is giving you the problem is a 75 in the back, try one that is an 80, leaving the cup the same). The second, and simpler, solution is to buy one bra extender and place it on the clasp, so that the size of the back increases.

    There is a gap in the front of the cups

    • Why is this happening; Probably because the bra cup is bigger than what you need.
    • How do I solve the problem? You got it right. You should try a bra with a smaller cup. The "golden rule" to find the correct cup size in a bra is as follows: The center of the cup (which is also the center of the breast) should always be "full", even when your arms are raised high up.

    The braces put pressure on my shoulders

    • Why is this happening; Because thinking that you will have better support, you tighten (or are tightened) the braces more than they should.
    • How do I solve the problem? First loosen the straps and then notice how the bra sits on your chest. If your bra size is correct then you shouldn't have a problem as the bust is mostly supported by the band around the bust. In addition, if you have larger breasts, choose wider straps for your bra, silicone for the shoulder or braces that are reinforced with gel for greater comfort.

    My back hurts (a problem usually faced by large cups)

      • Why is this happening; Because the back of your bra is bigger than it should be and as a result it "slides" high on the back which means that the weight of your chest "pulls" you forward and forces you to hunch over.
      • How do I solve the problem? Trying bras that will "fill" the cup, without the breast protruding from the front or the side, and at the same time the back strap will remain firm and straight.

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