The bra that can be worn with any dress - Multi bra!

How many times have you bought a backless dress or an open-back blouse, only to realize after a while that you don't have the right bra to match it? We suspect several. Fortunately, however, there is a type of bra, specially designed for situations like the above, and it lives up to its name versatile bra, or, for short, multi-bra.

The multi-bra it's a bra like any other, with the only (and important) difference being that it can be tied to the body in many different ways, thanks to the lack of a fixed back and the many different bra options it gives you. This fact makes the multi-bra the ultimate bra for backless dresses.

His first positive multi-bra is that there are no different types to choose from, so the only decisions you need to make are the right size (cup and girth) and the right combination of bras, which of course depends on the outfit you're wearing put on the bra.

So let's look at the ways in which we can tie one multi-bra so that we can understand why it is the ideal bra for dresses and blouses with an open back.

5 Ways to wear the Polybra

1st Way: Suspender that ties around the neck

Its upper part multi-bra ties around the neck, either with a normal fabric strap, or with a silicone strap, the width of which is larger than usual, to protect and not cut the neck area. At the same time, the lower part of the poly-bra ties at the familiar height of the back with a thin silicone sheath, which is almost invisible through the garment. This way of tying the poly bra is ideal for backless garments that tie at the neck. 

2nd Way: Large back brace

We use the normal straps for the upper part of the bra and for the back we use a much larger strap than the normal one, which starts on the right side, goes low around our belly and ends on the left side of the bra (see photo below) . This way of tying is ideal for dresses and blouses that have the whole back open and you don't want the bra to show.

πολυσουτιεν με δεσιμο στην πλατη

3rd Way: Cross binding at low back

A combination of methods 1 and 2, in this binding we use a strap (usually silicone) that ties around the neck, and a large strap that hugs the lower back crosswise. This way of tying is ideal for dresses or blouses that have an open back and at the same time tie at the neck.

4th Way: Cross tie high back

In this case, the multi-bra is tied crosswise high on the back, while for the lowest part of the back we again use a thin silicone strap. This way of tying is ideal for clothes that cross high on the back but at the same time have a low back.

5th Way: 2 Thin regular straps

The simplest way of tying the multi-bra is the most familiar to all of us. Two thin straps for the upper part of the bra and one thin silicone strap for the waist. So how is it different from a regular bra? The difference is mainly the thin strap that ties in the back, which unlike a normal bra, which has a wide strap, does not erase through the garment.

What is certain is that whatever method of binding you choose, the multi-bra it can loosen your arms and give you the necessary support, regardless of the outfit you choose. Of course, when you choose multi-bra you should make sure that the cup size and the back size are correct so that you don't run into one of the common problems of choosing the wrong bra.


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