Minimizer Bra 6 Things to Know

naturana minimizer
Are you looking for a Bra that does tto make your chest look smaller, while providing you with the necessary comfort and support to wear it every day;

The Minimizer bra is definitely the best choice, since they visually reduce the size of the breast up to one size, and at the same time they give you the proper support since cover the entire chest.

But before you choose one minimizer bra, there are some things that should be known, so that you make the right choice.

The 6 most important things to know about minimizer bras are: 

  1. They should have no padding, no seams in the bra cup so as to give a more natural and round shape to the breast and make it look even and smaller (usually 1 size)
  2. The minimizers are indicated for cup sizes E, F, G, but also larger, which makes it an ideal choice for large and heavy breasts
  3. They need to properly distribute the weight across the shoulders and spine which is done if they have wide straps (like this minimizer bra her natural) that do not cut the shoulders and wide coverage on the back that helps with the correct body posture
  4. They must be made of durable fabric that reduces the volume of the breast, strengthens and sculpts it
  5. While minimizers should not be lined, they can be lined (eg this minimizer her TRIUMPH). So you can choose between a bandella and a bandella minimizer to wear it all day without getting tired
  6. The 2 best and most reputed companies for minimizer bra that you can find in Greece is TRIUMPH and the NATURAL.

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