5 secrets to fit your bra perfectly!

Σουμβουλές για σωστή εφαρμογή σουτιέν

Finding the right size and fit for your bras is definitely the most important step in getting the comfort and support a bra should give you.

But something that is not talked about enough, even though it plays a very important role in the fit and feel of the bra, is the way we wear the bra.

I know, you've never imagined that there is a right and wrong way to put on a bra, but if you try the tips in this article, you'll be amazed at the difference you'll see in the fit of your bra. bra (of course if you're wearing the wrong bra size these tips won't be as effective - see here of ways you can see if you're wearing the wrong size)

Below you will find the 5 tips that if you follow them your bras will fit much better and be much more comfortable!

Tip #1

When you put on the bra, lean slightly forward, and let the breast fit inside the cup. Stand up straight and fasten the bra in the first position from the outside.

Advice #2

Lean forward slightly and place the bra inside the cups for a perfect fit. The bra should fit right inside the cups, without doubles or protruding from the front and side. In Cups there should be no gap between the breast and the reinforcement. The bra should fit just below the breast covering the mammary gland.

Advice #3

We adjust the straps to the right length until you feel comfortable. Putting your hand under the brace should fit snugly without leaving a mark on the shoulder.

Advice #4

When raising the arms up, the bandella and the back fascia should stay in place.

Advice #5

Make sure by looking in the mirror that your breasts fit perfectly in the cup. You should feel that it supports you perfectly in your every move.


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