3 Types of Sports Bras and how to choose the right one!

3 Κατηγορίες Αθλητικών Σουτιέν

Whether you exercise on a daily or weekly basis, or are in the process of starting a new sporting activity, you are here because you understand that choosing the right sports bra is very important, perhaps even more than choosing the right gym clothes or shoes. 

And because we live in a world with an abundance of choices, the sports bras they could not have only one type, but are divided into categories according to the type and intensity of the exercise for which they will be used. So let's look at the different types of sports bras and the differences between them.

  1. Sports Bras for Vigorous Exercise - High Support

  2. The High Support Sports Bras they are aimed at those women who exercise at an intense pace and are ideal for high-intensity (and vibration) exercise, such as running, cardio TRX, etc. These bras are made either with a rubber underwire, which makes them flexible, flexible, comfortable and soft, or without a bra, with an elastic band under the chest that gives it a comfortable and soft feeling, while at the same time offering the necessary support.

    The extreme high support sports bras, "come" in C, D, E and F cup. Also, this type of bra has antibacterial fabric, which stays dry even during intense exercise. The straps, of course, could only be reinforced and adjustable throughout, giving flexibility in how the bra is worn.

  3. Medium Support Sports Bras

  4. The Medium Support Sports Bras they are ideal for medium-intensity sports activities, such as yoga, pilates, etc.

    These bras are the perfect combination of support and comfort, as they are underwired so they don't press on the chest, and at the same time, their back and straps are adjustable and you can adjust them.\

    Usually this type of sports bra is also made of perforated fabric that allows the skin to breathe and gives a feeling of freshness.

    Σουτιέν TRIUMPH για Ήπια Στήριξη
  5. Sports Bras for Mild Exercise - Mild Support

The Soft Support Sports Bras they are ideal for mild sports activities, such as walking, stretching, etc. You will find them in Cups B, C, D and E. The underwire type bra has no underwire and you can find versions that fasten either in the front or in the traditional way, in the back. It is important to have a wide elastic band at the bottom of the bra so that it provides stability and good support to the chest.

It is also important to choose a bra made of anti-allergic and anti-bacterial fabric (also known as Tactel) that reduces odors and allows the skin to breathe. Also, a bra with perforated fabric will help maintain body temperature and wick away sweat.

Σουτιέν TRIUMPH Μεσαίας Στήριξης

So, as you can tell, there are important ones reasons for wearing a sports bra. The main criterion according to which you should choose a sports bra is:

a) the type of exercise you will use it for and of course

b) the intensity of each activity (eg if you do yoga or pilates a medium would be ideal, while if you run or do TRX a high or a medium sports bra would be ideal).

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